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Compatibility Chart for Dension Gateway 100 CAN

Dension Full Compatibility Chart Here (Opens New Tab) (GW16AF8 replaced with Gateway Lite)

Alfa Romeo Vehicles

Model Year HU Model Product
159 2005 Blaupunkt 939 GW16FI1
Brera 2005 Blaupunkt 939 GW16FI1
Spider 2005 Blaupunkt 939 GW16FI1

The Gateway Lite for Alfa Romeo replaces the Gateway 100 for Vehicles that do not provide Text Display. The Gateway Lite provides an improved navigation system for Non Text Vehicles Whicst containing all the features of the Gateway 100. 


The Gateway 100 CAN Shows text on the Cluster screen on the vehicle. You can cycle through artists, albums and tracks via the steering wheel controls and or stereo.

To view the full compatibility and feature list click here.

The Gateway 100 CAN replaces the CD Changer and does not offer CD Retention